600 PEM Water Electrolysis Test System

600 Electrolyzer Test System(ETS)은 PEM 수소발생 연구개발을 위한 첨단 테스트 시스템으로 PEM 전해조의 상세한 평가 및 특성화를 위한 모든 기능을 갖춘 최첨단 벤치탑 기기입니다.

600 ETS에는 통합 전원 공급 장치, Potentiostat, EIS 및 HFR용 임피던스 분석기 뿐 아니라 제품 유량 및 Cross over 모니터링을 위한 실시간 센서가 포함됩니다. 600 ETS는 싱글 Electolyzer 셀의 상세한 제어, 진단 및 분석이 필요한 실험실에 이상적입니다. 

강력한 FlowCell-ETS® 소프트웨어는 테스트 셀의 전체 제어 및 모니터링을 제공합니다.  기본 제공 실험에는 constant, scanning  또는 step-stair 방식의  전압 또는 전류 제어 측정이 포함됩니다. Potentiostat 과 Power supply mode 간 전류, 전압 제어를 자동으로 쉽게 전환할 수 있습니다.


  • Bench-top, fully integrated instrument for electrolyzer R&D
  • 4 current range potentiostat (± 0.07 / 0.7 / 7 / 20 A, ±5 V) for accurate wide dynamic range current measurement
  • Software controlled programmable Power Supply for operation up to 100 A / 5 V
  • Automated switching between Potentiostat and Power Supply mode
  • EIS and HFR (1 mHz to 10 kHz) in Potentiostat mode
  • FlowCell-ETS® application software for complete system control, experiment sequencing, graphing and data acquisition
  • EIS data compatible with ZView®, the world’s leading impedance analysis & equivalent circuit modelling software
  • Integrated back pressure to 2 barg
  • N2 purge on Cathode with Supplemental N2 on Anode
  • Anode feed water recycling or once-thru operating mode
  • In-line high-temperature Ion Exchange cartridge to maintain Anode feed water purity in recycle mode
  • Includes safety features: E-Stop, Over Voltage/Current, Over Temperature or Gas Detection shutdown
  • Integrated 892e Data Expansion Module for additional 8 temperature + 8 analog inputs, e.g., pressure transducers
  • In-line, real-time O2 and H2 product flow rate monitoring

Products                                                            Description

Cell Fixture
Gas Sensors for HydrogenIn-line sensors for H2 in product O2 and O2 in product H2 monitoring with alarm function for added safety
Gas Sensor for OxygenIn-line sensors for H2 in product O2 and O2 in product H2 monitoring with alarm function for added safety
Pressure TransducerMeasures pressure drop in cell

Specifications:                                                 Details

Cell Connections4-terminal (I+, I-, V+, V-) & differential Aux (REF)
Cell Potentiostat:
Full Scale Current Ranges±20 / 7 / 0.7 / 0.07 A
Current Resolution:0.007% of range
Current Limit of Error±1.0% of range
Set and Read Voltage vs . WE> ±5.000 V
Cell Voltage Sense LeadDifferential w/ driven shields
Voltage Measurement Resolution152 μV
Sense Lead Input Resistance1.0 GΩ
Modes of OperationConstant, Scan, Step-Stair; V and I
Cell Power Supply:
Maximum Current100 A
Voltage Range0 - 5.000 V
PowerUp to 500 W
Impedance Measurement (Potentiostat Mode):
Frequency Range:1 mHz to 10 kHz
Measurement TypesSweep EIS and single-frequency HFR real-time measurement, Whole Cell and Aux
Cell and Electrolyte Handling:
Flow PathAll 316 SS
Feed Water Reservoir1 L, 316 SS, auto-water fill, conductivity probe
Feed Water Supply Pump50 – 400 mL/min, software controlled
Feed Water Temperature RangeAmbient to 95 oC
Ion exchanger / DeionizerIn-line water recycling loop
Back PressureDual, 0-2 barg (0-30 PSIG), Manual
Cell Temperature RangeAmbient to 120 oC
Purge GasPC-controlled MFC on Negative; Manual on Positive
Water/Gas Separator/Dehumidifiers2 (Negative, Positive), condensers & collection tanks
Product Mass Flow Meters2 (1 SLM H2, 0.5 SLM O2)
Additional Data Acquisition (892e):
Data Acquisition (892e):8 Temperature + 8 Analog (e.g., 0-5 V, 4-20 mA)
In-Line Gas SensorsH2 Transmitter for monitoring of H2 in Product O2
O2 Transmitter for monitoring of O2 in Product H2
Physical and Environment:
Operating Temperature5-35 oC
Power Source100-120 or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size (excluding tubing connections)53 cm x 53 cm x 90 cm (21 in. x 21 in. x 35.5 in.)
Weight64 kg (140 lb.)