Hydrogen Permeation Cell

Devanathan-Stachurski 전지로도 알려진 이 수소 투과 셀은 얇은 금속 디스크(일반적으로 Steel)를 통한 수소 투과를 통한 부식을 연구하는 데 사용됩니다. 완전한 셋업에는 2개의 셀, 여러 개의 전극/액세서리, 2개의 Potentiostat이 포함됩니다. 이 설정은 ASTM G148 절차의 표준을 충족하도록 설계되었습니다.

Devanathan-Stachurski Cell

Devanathan-Stachurski Hydrogen Permeation Half Cell
glass cell, holds 250 mL, contains four 14/20 ports and #25 spherical joint, complete experiment requires two half cells

Complete Setup Requires the Following

Disk, 1018 Steel, 2" OD x .056" Thick


O-Ring, Viton, #217
two O-rings required


Pinch Clamp, Size 40


Dual Port Gas Inlet
two required; purge/sparge accessory mounts in any 14/20 side port


Standard Platinum Counter Electrode Kit
two required; includes isolation tube and adapter to fit 14/20 port

6.9 mm OD epoxy tube shroud, 150 mm long


Single Junction Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Reference Electrode
two required; includes 14/20 PTFE adapter, storage bottle, bottle of filling solution


Standard Cell Luggin Tube
optional, two needed if used; requires adapter to fit into 14/20 port, 12 mm OD tube, 1 mm ID tip opening, accepts standard size reference electrodes


PTFE Mount for Fritted Tube
optional, two needed if used; slides around Luggin tube, fits into a 14/20 port


PTFE Stopper for 14/20 glassware port
optional, up to 8 needed