WaveDriver 100/MSR 15 mm RCE Bundle

MSR 로테이터, RCE 전극 및 WaveDriver 100 Potentiostat (EIS 포함) 번들입니다.

제품은 특징은 아래와 같습니다.

-  번들의 모든 구성 요소는 RCE 데이터 획득을 빠르게 시작할 수 있도록 호환됩니다.

-  선형 분극 저항과 같은 일상적인 회전 실린더 실험은 부식 억제제 스크리닝을 위해 수행됩니다. 

-  WaveDriver 100은 반투과성 코팅에 대한 코팅 분석과 같은 EIS 기반 방법에도 유용합니다.

세계에서 가장 일반적으로 사용되는 RCE 시스템으로 ASTM 표준 G31, G170 및 G185와 호환됩니다.

RCE 번들이 포함된 WaveDriver 100 Potentiostat은 potentiostat, 소프트웨어, 케이블, 로테이터, 실린더 전극 및 셀이 포함됩니다.

Potentiostat/Rotator Bundle

MSR Rotating Cylinder Electrode with WaveDriver 100 Bundle
features 15-mm OD RCE shaft on MSR Rotator

includes WaveDriver 100 potentiostat, MSR rotator, software, cables, electrodes, and accessories

Bundle includes the items listed below

WaveDriver 100 EIS Potentiostat/Galvanostat
includes power adapter, USB cable, and dummy/calibration cell


click here for AfterMath software information


WaveDriver Potentiostat Cell Cable
D-Shell connector to 5 banana plugs with optional alligator clips

for use with single channel WaveDriver potentiostats


MSR Electrode Rotator with CE and ETL Marks


Single RCE Shaft for MSR Rotators
precision 15.0 mm OD PEEK shroud, stainless steel rod

for use with 15.0 mm OD cylinder inserts (sold separately)

Maximum rotation rate: 4000 RPM - never exceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.


Graphite Rod Counter Electrode Kit
includes graphite rod, glass isolation tube with 24/25 taper joint, and 7 mm OD 14/20 PTFE adapter

0.250" OD x 12" long graphite rod


Basic OpenTop Cell Kit
unjacketed, no drain valve, cell features an RCE recess


Gas-purged Bearing Assembly
15.0 mm ID, fits the AFE9MBA shaft within the 24/25 center joint


Luggin Tube
24/25 x 14/20 bushing, 12 mm ID tube, 1 mm ID tip


Dual Gas Inlet with Fine Frit
fits 24/25 side port


MSR Rotation Rate Control Cable
links the WaveDriver 100 to the MSR rotator control unit for AfterMath control of rotation rate

WaveDriver 100 and MSR Power Cords
Power Cords

click here to review power cord options

this bundle requires two power cords

Reference Electrodes Sold Separately
Reference Electrodes

click here to review reference electrode options

standard size 9.5 mm OD compatible with this system


Hastelloy C-276 Rod Pseudo-Reference Electrode
stainless steel rod with port at top to accept 4 mm banana plug; does not include PTFE adapter

0.25" OD x 8" long Hastelloy C-276 stainless steel rod


24/40 PTFE Mount for Electrodes
this PTFE Mount slides over an electrode and fits into a 24/40 port.


WaveDriver 100 EIS Potentiostat / Galvanostat

Working Electrode Channels


Measured Current Ranges

±1 A, ±100 mA, ±10 mA, ±1 mA, ±100 μA, ±10 μA, ±1 μA, ±100 nA



Practical Current Range

20 pA to 1.0 A

ADC Input

16 bits

Compliance Voltage

>±17 V

Measured Potential Ranges

±15.0 V, ±10.0 V, ±2.5 V

CV Sweep Rate (min)

10 μV/s (469 μV per 46.9 s, 313 μV step per 31.3 s or 78 μV per 7.8 s)

CV Sweep Rate (max)

75 V/s

Point Interval

80 μs (minimum)

EIS Capable


EIS Frequency Range

10 μHz - 1 MHz

Instrument Dimensions

160 × 324 × 255 mm
(6.3 × 12.75 × 10.0 in)

Instrument Weight

4.6 kg (10.2 lb)



Wireless Capable


Additional Specifications

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Modulated Speed Rotator (MSR)

Rate Accuracy

100 to 200 RPM: Accurate to within ±2 counts of display reading
200 to 10,000 RPM: Accurate to within ±1% of display reading

Rate Control (external)

Optional rate control via input signal on control unit front panel
Available control ratios: 1, 2, or 4 RPM/mV, jumper selectable

Rate Output

Allows optional external monitoring of rotation rate (banana jack, control unit front panel)
Output signal ratio: 1 RPM/mV (±1%)

Maximum Continuous Torque

28.3 mN m

Motor Power

15 W

Electrode Connections

Disk electrode: red banana jack on motor unit
Ring electrode: blue banana jack on motor unit


Control unit: 11.4 × 10.1 × 5.75 in (29 × 26 × 15 cm)
Rotator enclosure: 18.8 × 15.5 × 21.0 in (48 × 40 × 54 cm)

Shipping Information

Shipping weight: 60 lb (27 kg)
Shipping dimensions: 24.0 × 24.0 × 24.0 in (61 × 61 × 61 cm)

Rotating Disk (RDE)

E2, E3, E4TQ, E5, E5TQ

Rotating Ring-Disk (RRDE)

E6, E7, E8

Rotating Cylinder (RCE)


Additional Specifications

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WaveDriver 100 User Guide
click here to download (9 MB download)


AfterMath EIS Data Import Procedure
click here to download (538 KB download)


WaveDriver 100 Accuracy Contour Plot
click here to download (205 KB download)


Controlling a Pine Research Rotator with a Pine Research Potentiostat
click here to download (370 KB download)

MSR Electrode Rotator


MSR Electrode Rotator User Guide
click here to download (6 MB download)


MSR Rotator Brush Replacement Information
click here to download (217 KB download)

Corrosion Applications


Study of Mass Transport Limited Corrosion with Rotating Cylinder Electrodes
click here to download (724 KB download)


Corrosion Calculation Worksheet Exce